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Provide a reliable service that allows to identify all thoroughbred pets in a single system and to protect buyers from deception and purchase of animals of the wrong breed.

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  • Track family tree Accounting of genealogy of pets in the system
  • Purchase of animals Crypto currency stemma for the purchase of purebred animals
  • Payment for services Payment for veterinary services and certificates

What is Stemma?

Stemma is a revolutionary project that will change the market of pet products and services, providing distributed accounting of reliable information about the genealogy of all pets in the system. The project will track the genealogical tree and determine the origin of thoroughbred animals.

The project has its own ecosystem and uses the stemma crypto currency to purchase thoroughbred animals, pay for veterinarians and certifiers, and to verify the truth of the information of the genealogical tree and the origin of pedigree pets. In addition, the Proof-of-Stake mechanism is used and the master logs are supported, which avoids deflation stemma and allows to ensure stable growth of the crypto currency, benefiting its investors.

Coins can be safely stored on the internal purse of the platform, and the unit will ensure a high level of security and transparency of all data stored on the block, enhancing the trust between users and suppliers of goods and services on the platform.


  • Name: Stemma
  • Symbol: STEMMA
  • Algorithm: X11
  • Block Time: 60 seconds
  • Staking age: 2 hours
  • MN Rewards: 75%
  • Maturity: 201 blocks
  • Max Supply: 100 000 000
  • Mn Collateral: 1000
  • Premine: 50 000


The main mission of the project is to provide a reliable service that allows to identify all thoroughbred pets in a single system and to protect buyers from deception and purchase of animals of the wrong breed.

  • 1 - 30001
  • 3001 - 1600010
  • 16001 - 2600012
  • 26001 - 3600014
  • 36001 - 6600016
  • >6600110


  • Coming soon
  • Coming soon
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  • Coming soon


  • September 2018
  • October 2018
  • Q1 2019
  • Q2 2019
  • Q3 2019
September 2018
  • Network launch
  • Wallet and block explorer release
  • Website release
  • Pre-sale
  • Listing on exchanges and MNO
October 2018
  • Web Wallet and Mac versions release
  • Updated White Paper release
  • Listing on CoinMarketCap
  • Bounty campaign launch
Q1 2019
  • Release of iOS and Android wallets for mobile devices
  • Website and WhitePaper updates
  • Launching the beta version of the platform
Q2 2019
  • Strategic partnerships with major suppliers of pet products and pet services
Q3 2019
  • Listing on a large cryptoexchange
  • Launching a marketing campaign to increase brand awareness

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